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Trail Butter Mission & Mantra

We started Trail Butter in 2012, selling jars of our nut butter blends from a bike-powered pop up cart at Farmer’s Markets in Portland, OR. Our mission?…to create delicious, all-natural energy food alternatives that provide balanced, slow-burning energy in a convenient portable package, all while using only unprocessed, whole-food ingredients. Since Day 1, we’ve operated under the mantra, “BE TRAIL READY”.

A “TRAIL” can be many things to many people, from a winding single-track to a perfect line down a mountain, or even a new path in professional or family life. Whatever form it takes, what we eat is a key contributing factor in being “READY” to embark on these adventures with sound body and mind. At Trail Butter we strongly believe that real, wholesome foods are the best way to fuel this journey.

The wondrous nut, in all its nutritional glory, forms the foundation of our “REAL FOOD ENERGY” vision. Additional all-natural ingredients like chocolate, dried fruit, coffee and more, help to create our distinct line of nut butter blends. In this introductory packet, we’ve included information on how Trail Butter came to be, key product facts, and current available blends.

How is this not already a thing?

This was the question co-founding brothers Brad and Jeff Boggess asked themselves when crafting the tasty nut butter blends that would evolve into Trail Butter. In today’s grab-and-go world, why couldn’t naturally shelf-stable, whole-food ingredients be packaged in convenient, portable pouches to provide lasting, slow-burning energy? The answer is, they can!

A recipe 8,900 miles in the making

The Boggess brothers are lifetime adventurers and credit their parents for teaching them how to craft delicious meals and snacks with real foods to fuel their wanderlust. This is why Jeff packed natural nut butters, mixed nuts, honey and dried fruits when he decided to embark on his epic 8,900 mile bike tour from Germany to California, by way of Europe, Northern Africa and the United States. What about that body of water in between called the Atlantic, you ask? Well, keeping with the “on the surface” approach of the trip, Jeff sailed the Atlantic as crew on a 46ft catch, going from the Canary Islands to Martinique in the Caribbean, over 26 days. Along the way, he found that these energizing snacks were packaged in heavy jars or inconvenient containers that took up precious space in his small bike panniers. So, somewhere in Arkansas, it dawned on Jeff that he could save space and create an even tastier snack if he combined everything into one container. The resulting flavor explosion and energy bump took Jeff by surprise. This was too good not to share! It just needed a proper name…in an aha moment, after getting hooked himself, Jeff’s brother Brad blurted out “Trail Butter”!

With brothers united and a few flavors to offer, the Boggess brothers set up shop in Portland, OR and began selling their nut butter blends by bike at local farmer?s markets. Little by little, Trail Butter became known by athletes and food lovers alike for its all-natural goodness, going from the bike to the shelves of places like Whole Foods Market.

Why the name Trail Butter?

It’s quite simple actually…we like to think of Trail Butter as one part “Trail Mix” and one part “Nut Butter”. “Blend” the two together and you’ve got “Trail Butter”.

A family recipe rooted in community

Athletes, nutritionists and community members have offered their expertise over the years to make sure that Trail Butter is equal parts delicious and nutritious. Trail Butter is specially crafted to meet your lifestyle, training and performance needs. Our mission is to make sure that everyone, regardless of interests or activity level, can BE TRAIL READY!

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