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Jeff Boggess

Co-founder & CEO
Co-founder of Trail Butter, a real-food energy snack born on a bike and boat ride from Germany to California he completed in 2011. With little space available in his bike panniers, bags and jars of nuts, honey, dried fruit and peanut butter became one and Trail Butter was born. Since that day, Jeff and brother, Brad have taken their product from pop-up farmers market bike stand to a thriving, internationally distributed snack food, enabling high-performing individuals to fuel their ?adventures? effectively and conveniently, all while contributing to long-term, whole-body health. Graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Brad Boggess

Co-founder of Trail Butter, lifelong pilot with thousands of hours in both Idaho backcountry and commercial airways with Alaska Airlines, and full-time Dad, Brad brings his experience in graphic design, web development, and operation of his own businesses in the past to guide big-picture strategic decision-making as Trail Butter grows. Graduate of Boise State University and now residing in Placerville, California.

Steven Gervais

Strategic finance leader with experience in non-profit, for profit, investment, and start-up settings. In addition to Trail Butter, Steven also serves as a finance lead at the world?s largest environmental nonprofit, The Nature Conservancy, and is inspired by work that is creating a more healthy world for all. Graduate of the Scrheyer Honors College at Penn State.

Mark Ling

Operations Consultant
Mark provides financial and operational guidance that is closely integrated with marketing and sales strategies. As expert consultant, he has helped us to optimize financial resources and maximize profits through development of operational and accounting structures that have greatly enhanced efficiency and awareness of big-picture trends.

Briana Danner

Marketing Consultant & Web Developer
A specialist in online, digital marketing, Briana conceptualizes, plans and executes many of Trail Butter?s overall marketing and online sales efforts. Responsible for the development of and the execution of website and email campaign initiatives that have significantly increased online traffic and revenue. Graduate of Univ. of Santa Barbara, California.

Jeff & Jenn Fisher

Social Media, Events, Ambassador Team Liaisons
Trail Butter team members since 2012, Jeff & Jenn are a dynamic duo that manage Trail Butter?s 30 athlete ambassadors, as well its social media marketing, and on-site events. They bring a passion for the outdoors and real-food fuel as ultra-runners, anglers, and all-around adventurers, and invaluable energy and positivity as Trail Butter grows.

Kei Kuwabara

Director, Trail Butter Japan
Kei takes years of experience in the Japanese outdoor industry to lead our Tokyo-based Trail Butter Japan division. In just 2 years, Kei and his team have expanded retail and online sales throughout Japan and continue to account for a large, ever-growing portion of overall Trail Butter sales. Trail Butter Japan serves as the hub for future expansion into other Asian markets.

May Tan-Baur

Trail Butter Europe
With years of media and marketing experience, and having just relocated to Germany, May will continue to extend Trailbutter's footprint into Europe. For fun and fitness, besides running after her two young boys, May's either at her dance classes, Zumba classes, or what Germans love to do most "Spazieren gehen" which means "Long Walks". Graduate of The University of Newcastle, Australia, May currently resides in Ueberlingen, Germany.
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